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Hallmarq's Video

You may have seen we've recently created a couple of new videos about Hallmarq and Equine MRI: here's how we went about it and why.


At Hallmarq we are always developing improvements for our products and we often have lots of diverse messages we want to share with our audiences. At the moment we are focusing on spreading awareness of the wide variety of uses of MRI and the types of cases that can benefit. We thought that a great way to communicate this message would be through a video. 

We’ve made short in-house demo videos before but this was going to be something quite different. With the help of a production company we narrowed down the content we would like to include and how to go about getting the footage. We already had a shortlist in mind of vets we would like to feature, and we were delighted when all of them said yes.

Hallmarq has three sites based around Newmarket; the Animal Health Trust, Rossdales Equine Diagnostic Centre and Newmarket Equine Hospital. To get as much footage as possible we planned an action packed day at these three sites with Sue Dyson, Rachel Murray, Sarah Powell and Merry Smith. The plan was to gather some footage of the vets at their places of work talking about MRI, then to film a bit of general activity going on at the clinic. 

We had to be careful what we filmed so as not to infringe on any owners’ privacy. There was a striking coloured pony being trotted up at one clinic but he was too distinctive to film, so our vet brought out a less unusual bay one instead. We got some equally good footage but without risking any lawsuits!

Merry Smith at NEH 

Behind the scenes at NEH, and how the same location came out on the video

Unusually for an English September the weather was very sunny, and the main concern in location scouting was finding a spot without too much sunlight! Fortunately each of the practices is in a beautiful setting and we were spoilt for choice for where to film. We were only slightly hampered by lawnmowers and noisy doors. Apologies to the vet at the AHT who we held up on her 10 minute lunch break because we were filming in front of the staff room door!

One thing common to all sites was the amount of activity going on. Most of our vets had to dash off at one point or another to watch a horse trotting up, to talk to owners or to give a second opinion on a case. In fact, these vets are so used to rushing around that some had a job staying still in front of the camera! Luckily the cameraman didn’t actually have to carry out his threat of gaffer-taping our interviewees’ feet to the floor

Our second day of filming took in Liphook, Bell Equine and Hallmarq’s HQ in Guildford. Liphook had a horse booked in to MRI in the morning so we took the opportunity to get some shots of a horse being scanned. Usually, horses don’t take more than a little gentle encouragement to stand with their foot in the magnet. Our horse at Liphook, however, was somewhat feisty and seemed to think he’d rather have been sunbathing outside than standing in an RF shielded room… Nevertheless we got some good close-ups to use as cutaways on the video. We interviewed Jane Boswell and then we were off to the next location.

Half an hour North of Liphook is our Guildford office where we were filming Hallmarq’s CEO Jos Belgrave. With careful lighting and some well-placed exhibition banners we created a broadcast-quality studio on the factory floor where the equine systems are usually assembled. This wasn't Jos’s first time on camera as he used to do a fair amount of TV work in his days as a vet, so filming his introduction didn’t take long.

The last stop of the day was at Bell Equine in Kent, where Tim Mair was in front of the camera. A rather vocal pony in the background did his best to steal the limelight but we still got the shots we needed.

By the magic of the internet, different iterations whizzed back and forth over the next few days until we had the first video finished just in time for our sponsored Lameness Session at BEVA Congress 2013. You can see it on YouTube here.

We’re delighted with our first video and we can’t wait for the next one. We’re planning another day of filming to get some more footage for a video with information for vets who refer horses for MRI. We’re going to be filming at a livery yard and also talking to a vet who regularly refers to Bell Equine. Further in the future we will be talking to vets overseas to create special editions for Europe and North America.

All of this filming was made possible with the brilliant cooperation of our customers. We really appreciate you taking the time out of your schedules to help and we’d like to say a big thank you to all involved.

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