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Blog photos
Image Trot-up
Trotting up the horse to assess lameness
Image Removing shoes
Taking the horse's shoes off prior to MRI scan
Image Performing hoof X-rays
Taking radiographs of hoof prior to MRI
Image Positioning horse in scanner
Placing the horse's foot in the magnet
Image Penetrating injury, Dynamite MRIs
MRI scans of horseshoe injury in 12yo TB gelding
Image Penetrating injury, Dynamite foot
Photo of penetrating foot injury assessed with MRI
Image Rotation crosshairs
Piloting a foot scan
Image Head coil
PetVet head coil
Image Head Coil
PetVet head coil
Horse Handling
Image STIR Test
Image STIR Bone bruise
Image Paton & Martin
Image Carpus coil
Image Hallmarq's video - Merry
Image Trotting legs
Image Hallmarq's very first scanner
Bess, supported by Matt, in the very first Hallmarq standing eqine MRI at Bell Equine