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PetVet Installation Options

Our in-house team supports you through every stage of the installation process

With over 90 MRI systems worldwide our specialist team has a wealth of experience in MRI room design and installation.

There are two main options:

  • Purpose Built or Converted Room
  • Modular Building


Purpose Built or Converted Room

The integrated RF shield on the PetVet reduces the room build cost by around £150,000 or $75,000. We can work with you to build a specialised suite for the MRI, or to convert existing space within the practice.

Below are a few examples of what your MRI room could look like. Depending on the space available, the equipment room can be installed either to the side or at the end of the main MRI room. Please contact us for a bespoke room plan to show how MRI would fit into your practice.

Imperial measurements


Inline room - imperial measurements

Inline room

Side-by-side room - imperial

Side-by-side room

Metric Measurements


Inline room - metric measurements

Inline room

Side-by-side room - metric measurements

Side-by-side room

Modular Building

If your practice has space for expansion but building a permanent structure is not an option, the Modular PetVet Building might be the answer.

PetVet Modular Room CGI


PetVet Modular Room Plans

This unit is fully fitted out with electricity, air conditioning, and all internal finishes.

The building is currently still in the design stage. If you are interested in adding a Modular PetVet to your practice, please get in touch to keep up to date with its development.