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PetVet 1.5T High Field MRI

Designed specifically for veterinarians and their patients.


When trying to visualise the fine detailed anatomy of cats and dogs only high field MRI will do. Building on decades of MRI system design experience in the human, industrial, research and equine veterinary fields Hallmarq engineers have crafted a high field MRI system that produces superior images for companion animal veterinarians.

Take a look at our Images page or get in touch if you would like to download images in a DICOM format.


"Our Hallmarq Petvet 1.5T MRI scanner produces quality diagnostic images in a timely fashion and is a fantastic asset to our neurology/neurosurgery service. The Technical Service Team is excellent and is always on hand 24/7 if and when we need them. Apart from our Radiologist, our team had no experience in running an MRI, but the training that was given to our Specialist Neurology Team was first class, within two weeks our Team were fully certified."
Tom Cave
Owner, Cave Veterinary Specialists Ltd

Built in RF shield

Unlike an adapted human MRI system the PetVet incorporates built-in RF shielding, eliminating the need to build a costly and immoveable RF shielded room. An RF screened door is closed over the bore during scanning to complete the RF shield. Anaesthetic and monitoring tubes leave the bore via waveguides.

PV_Door closed


RF coils designed for veterinary patients

The PetVet offers 5 different coils allowing unlimited positioning options for patients:

  • One-meter long coil for large breed dog spine imagery.
  • V-shaped spine coil provides 20 percent more signal than a flat human spine coil when used for a dog.
  • Anatomically correct head coils offer a better signal to noise (SNR) ratio.
  • Run two coils simultaneously, better images of hard-to-reach places like the brachial plexus.






Comprehensive finance and support package

  • With 'pay-as-you-go' finance, there is no large capital investment.
  • The PetVet recycles helium with a zero boil-off cold head eliminating the need for costly refills.
  • Continuous online and live support, virtually no downtime.
  • Maintenance package includes free software upgrades for the life of the contract.



Download our technical guide for more details: