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As Ambassadors for STEM, Hallmarq’s Chief Technical Officer, Steve Roberts, and Chief Operations Officer, Richard Smith, are passionate about encouraging the next generation of scientists. With education and curiosity as core values at Hallmarq, here are just a couple of examples of how we embraced our involvement in STEM in 2023.

Hallmarq really helped me in my pursuit of knowledge as they introduced me to many different paths I could take, including computing, engineering, and customer service roles. I particularly enjoyed the building of the MRI machines. It was a very hands-on week for me and I left with a clearer idea of what I might like to do as a future career. I am really grateful for the opportunity.”

Jason, GCSE student, Bishop David Brown School
Jason (right) and Hallmarq Manufacturing Engineer James Banglagan, take delivery of a 0.27T low-field magnet used in our Standing Equine MRI systems.
Hallmarq’s Dr Steve Roberts delivers a STEM talk to primary school students in Worthing.

“During the talk that I gave to a recent primary school group, I spoke about space travel and veterinary MRI. It was the panda scanning that got them most excited however and there were some brilliant questions! It’s always so rewarding to see how engaged a group is even at this age.”

Dr. Steve Roberts, CTO, Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging

STEM Ambassadors can have a powerful impact on the lives of young people. By supporting learning, and demonstrating how knowledge, skills, and behaviors acquired in the classroom are important for the workplace, Hallmarq hopes to help make a real difference. There are over 20,000 educators, supporting and collaborating to improve the outcomes of young people through STEM education and it’s a privilege to play just a small part in that.

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