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Imaging-as-a-Service (IaaS), is our unique solution to reducing the risk of bringing MRI services into your practice. This subscription-based business model includes our award-winning Small Animal MRI system and Q-Care, our world-class support programme.

With remote access to licensed MRI Technologists, Hallmarq now offers Remote Operations* as part of the IaaS subscription. This no-risk, turnkey solution helps resolve some of the issues faced with implementing a neurology service.


Isn’t high-field MRI expensive?

The total cost of ownership is less than you may expect. With Hallmarq’s 1.5T Small Animal MRI, you can either buy the system outright or rent using our unique Flat Rate model. With our built-in RF shield, there is no need for a purpose-built shielded room; upfront capital expenditure is kept to a minimum and routine helium refills are not necessary. We’ve designed the system, from the ground up, to save on energy and our comprehensive Q-Care support program even includes software updates. Labor costs may also be minimised as the system is designed to be operated by a veterinary technician or nurse rather than a dedicated MRI Technologist.

*Currently available to customers in the USA only.

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