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Increased demand for our Standing Equine leg CT (slCT) and Standing Equine MRI (sMRI) machines means a new manufacturing space for Hallmarq this spring. Newly acquired Unit 4 sits opposite our current Head Office premises in Guildford, UK, and is a carefully thought out balance between production, people, and the planet.

Expansion and ESG

An increase in product assembly has been designed in keeping with our pledge to become carbon neutral. In addition, Hallmarq’s ESG principles were kept firmly at the forefront of our decision-making. COO, Richard Smith says:

“This exciting expansion reflects our commitment to both business growth and environmental sustainability. The challenge of increasing production whilst also caring for our environment is a difficult one, but we think we’ve achieved that.”

Richard Smith, COO, Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging

As part of that ongoing commitment, we have taken significant steps to minimize our environmental impact. The new unit incorporates 32 solar panels on the roof, generating its own electricity and contributing to the company’s journey toward carbon neutrality. In recognition of our dedication to the environment, we were awarded the ESG Excellent accolade last year. One of only a few companies to achieve this standard, we were proud that our hard work paid off. As a result, the accolade pushes us to remain steadfast in our pledge to reduce our carbon footprint and actively support staff and the communities in which we operate.

Continued Customer Care

This is not our first expansion, however. In 2017 we doubled our original floor area by securing the lease to neighboring Unit 6. Subsequently, a purpose-built space was added, housing an office area for our growing headcount, on a mezzanine floor. A dedicated electronics area and room for an sMRI modular room facilitate in-house testing, upgrades, and improvements. It’s an important factor in our drive to further enhance our reputation for delivering innovative MRI and CT solutions. Meeting the exacting requirements of the veterinary community, staying ahead of trends, and incorporating customer feedback are vital in our drive to meet market demands.

Modular Manufacturing

With an additional 3,800 square feet of manufacturing space, we now have three permanent slCT bays for modular manufacturing. In addition, each bay has dedicated space for product-specific assembly. Simplified manufacturing for us is just step one, simplified advanced diagnostics for the customer is paramount. Our CCO, Annie Makin states:

“Most equine customers opt for our modular solutions for MRI and CT. Specifically designed to increase accessibility to these modalities, the machines are installed into a ‘cube’ which, once ready for dispatch, are craned out of the building for shipment around the world. Once at site, the cube is simply craned into place with the customer only having to supply a concrete plinth, power, and broadband. Practices can start scanning, and earning revenue, from day one.”

Annie Makin, CCO, Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging

New Opportunities

The expansion and demand for products also bring new employment opportunities. We recently appointed several new personnel including a Global Head of Manufacturing and Manufacturing Engineer, two Equine New Business Managers, and a Small Animal Product Manager. This additional headcount will support the company’s growth and enhance operations across their offices in Chicago, with dedicated Subject Matter Experts stationed in both the UK and the USA.

What’s Next?

In line with our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we pledge to:

  • continually review and optimize supply chain processes
  • undergo external audits to measure environmental performance
  • aim for ISO 14001 accreditation later this year


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