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Hallmarq is excited to share the news of another first as Wisconsin Veterinary Neurology and Surgical Center takes delivery of their zero-helium small animal 1.5T MRI machine. The first of its kind in the USA, this unique machine signifies a pivotal advancement in MRI technology.

Keeping MRI Costs Contained

The departure from a reliance on helium is not only an environmentally friendly solution but also brings significant cost savings to the veterinary practice looking to offer advanced imaging to their small animal patients. There is no requirement to source and purchase a finite resource and no risk of a traditional system quench. Furthermore, our veterinary-specific design includes a built-in RF shield that negates the need for an expensive room fit-out. For veterinary practices facing ongoing recruitment and retention challenges, Hallmarq’s Remote Operations Service (ROS) enables access to their licensed MRI Vet Techs who can operate the system for maximum efficiency.

Wisconsin’s owner, Dr Adam Moeser, explains his reasons for choosing the Hallmarq zero-helium 1.5T machine:

“Alongside the machine producing excellent images, Hallmarq offered practical solutions to me in financial and logistical terms. Hallmarq is a one stop shop and produces, delivers, installs, and maintains the equipment and software used to run the equipment.”

Dr. Adam Moeser, Owner, Wisconsin Neurology and Surgical Center


Over two decades of working within the veterinary industry means we understand the unique needs of veterinarians in clinical practice. Our workable solutions address the cost, complexity, and commitment of offering small animal MRI, and – with our unique Imaging-as-a-Service (IaaS) modela single monthly payment covers everything. This option was particularly appealing to Dr. Moeser when researching suppliers who added:

“I am a new entrepreneur, and the start-up costs for a veterinary neurologist were proving to be a major obstacle. Hallmarq’s leasing program allowed me the financial flexibility that I needed to get my company off the ground and invest in other areas of my business.”

Mike Torres, our Global Vice President of Customer Success, supports the company’s ongoing expansion into the US stating:

“We are delighted to have installed our first zero-helium 1.5T MRI Machine in the US. The machines have been gaining traction in the UK and we are thrilled at the global expansion. We are looking forward to attending ACVIM in June where we will have a machine on our stand, which is the first time people will be able to see it in person. We welcome everyone to come and see the system and look forward to answering any questions.”

Mike Torres, Global Vice President of Customer Success, Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging Inc

Meet MIRA in Minnesota

If you’re headed to ACVIM you’re in the perfect location to meet MIRA in person. Hallmarq will be exhibiting on Booth #1433 June 6th-9th. See the system, meet the Hallmarq Team, get your questions answered, and enter our competition. A cost-effective 1.5T MRI solution is possible for your practice!


MIRA – Small Animal 1.5T MRI