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Today, the new University of Florida Veterinary Hospital at the World Equestrian Centre in Ocala, FL, opened to provide leading-edge patient care for horses and small animals. Known as the world’s horse capital, Ocala can now offer its equine community access to the Hallmarq Standing Equine MRI.

A first of its kind

Ocala’s state of the art 40,000 square-foot hospital facility will offer a broad spectrum of expertise in diagnostic and patient care to both the equine elite and small animal owners alike. Equine services available at the new facility will focus on sports medicine, diagnostic imaging and rehabilitation. Small animals will receive urgent and primary care, with the goal of expanding speciality services for both.

Among the unique capabilities the hospital offers, are advanced diagnostic imaging technology, including CT, Hallmarq Standing Equine MRI, and a PET scanner. Each of these modalities provides different types of information. When used in combination, they provide more specific and accurate diagnostic information to better diagnose lameness and orthopaedic problems.

Currently, there is no other facility that offers the combination of these diagnostic imaging modalities at one site. Dana Zimmel, Dean of the UF Veterinary College says:

“Nowhere else in the world is there a leading-edge veterinary hospital located within a premiere equestrian venue, with all of the services that equine competitors need to ensure their horses are kept in optimal health and performance-ready condition,” 

Dana Zimmel, Dean of the UF Veterinary College

Timely and Efficient Access to Veterinary Care

Demand for veterinary services is at an unprecedented high and the hospital’s location on the World Equestrian Centre grounds offers collaboration and continuity of care for local veterinarians and specialists further afield. Owner of the World Equestrian Centre, Mary Roberts, states:

 “The ability to offer world-class large and small animal veterinary services on-site to our exhibitors, competitors and the community sets us apart from other equestrian venues located throughout the country and the world.”

Mary Roberts, Owner, World Equestrian Centre

In Good Company

With two decades of industry expertise, Hallmarq’s Standing Equine MRI is diagnostic in over 90% of lameness cases. Currently, there is no other facility that offers the unique combination of three imaging modalities at one site and we are proud to be part of the continuing focus on improved clinical outcomes for the patient.

Originally published in UF Health’s Newsroom by author Sarah Carey Director of Communications at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.

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