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Through its working partnership with Sustainable Advantage, Hallmarq recently achieved an ESG Excellent Award for commitment to its sustainability programme, employees, customers and their communities. Bringing together these different aspects, Hallmarq works hard to manage its business risks and the impact they have. Richard Smith, Hallmarq’s COO, has been instrumental in ensuring the many criteria have been met stating:

“We are a team of people who care deeply about the planet and the people and animals that share it with us. As such, we strive for the highest level of sustainability we can achieve, without, of course, compromising the production of the high-quality images that our customers have come to expect.”

Richard Smith, COO, Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging

Pioneering Products

With advanced imaging systems designed specifically for the veterinary market, Hallmarq’s focus is on affordability and environmental impact. The company works to balance product efficacy with low-energy, environmentally friendly solutions across it’s product range which includes MRI and CT machines for both equine and small animal patients.

Small Animal 1.5T Zero-Helium MRI (ZHM)

Lessening the financial, environmental and supply chain risks associated with traditional helium-based MRI systems has been addressed by Hallmarq with the recent introduction of the company’s new Small Animal 1.5T Zero-Helium MRI (ZHM). It’s the world’s first veterinary-specific machine that does not rely on the scarce resource, helium, to cool the MRI magnet coils. It requires ZERO-HELIUM! Designed from the ground up with animal anatomy and veterinary users in mind, the machine increases access to diagnostic care for small animal patients.

Standing Equine Leg CT (slCT)

Hallmarq’s unique Standing Equine Leg CT (slCT) offers a walk-in, walk-out system for the horse. It utilises cone beam CT (CBCT) that revolves around the limb, capturing a 3D image set in 1 minute. Supported by over 20 years of experience in standing imaging and motion correction reconstruction software, slCT delivers superior 3D images. With safety paramount, slCT does not restrict the limb of the horse. It is specifically designed for easy and immediate exit by patient and handler, should the need arise. General anaesthesia is not required and, with the low-dose radiation of the CT, handlers can remain in the room throughout the scan process.

CBCT offers many benefits when imaging the distal limb of the horse. Returning high-quality diagnostic images, CBCT is more energy efficient than fan-beam CT (FBCT). Hallmarq’s slCT machine is designed for ease of use, enabling fast imaging of the patient. The process from start to finish typically takes around 15 minutes. The product aligns with the company’s mission to offer safe, effective, and affordable solutions for almost every equine practice. In addition, a modular option is available where clinic space is at a premium.

Standing Equine MRI (sMRI)

Hallmarq’s Standing Equine MRI (sMRI) brings the gold standard in diagnostic capability to equine clinical practice. In addition to providing access to high-quality imaging, Hallmarq is conscious of global events and trends that may impact its customers. Currently, the ongoing helium shortage threatens industry access to liquid helium, crucial for cooling most MRI magnets. Hallmarq’s innovative sMRI has always been helium-free and still captures superb clinical images for a more accurate diagnosis, from the hoof up to the carpus/tarsus. 

The patented design includes a unique open, thin-poled, zero-helium magnet and equine-specific RF coils. In addition, award-winning motion correction software optimises image quality in the standing sedated horse. Their veterinary-specific software includes an array of MRI scan options with equine-specific imaging protocols for efficiency and ease of use.

Positively Impacting Communities

The cost to the vet, horse owner, and environment have all been considered. Hallmarq’s affordable business models, optional module installations and reduced power requirements ensure accessibility to advanced imaging for more veterinary practices.  

Hallmarq’s CEO, Mick Crosthwaite, recognises the fine balance needed to supply innovative imaging modalities to the veterinary industry, whilst also being mindful of the impact that business decisions have on both people and the environment, stating:

“In line with the increased expectations of our industry, Hallmarq continues to be more socially responsive. Our supply chain, manufacturing methods, shipping policies and employee health and safety measures are regularly reviewed to manage our business risks and positively impact the communities in which we operate.”

Mick Crosthwaite, CEO, Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging

You can read more about Hallmarq’s ESG Policies here.

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