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Hallmarq’s Remote Operations Service (ROS) provides easy remote access to licensed MRI Technologists to operate your Hallmarq small animal 1.5T MRI machine.

What is Hallmarq’s Remote Operations Service?

  • It’s a subscription-based service providing easy remote access to licensed MRI technologists to operate your Hallmarq small animal 1.5T MRI machine.
  • Simply complete a quick service request form, and provide a few details about the patient study and our Remote Operators can be available in as little as one hour.
  • Your onsite clinicians can then chat or speak directly with Hallmarq Remote Operators.
  • You can make real-time changes to protocols based on individual patients, safe in the knowledge that Hallmarq Remote Operators will respond with skill and efficiency without the need for in-house clinical support.
  • By utilising Hallmarq Remote Operations Service, you can get the best images possible, in the most efficient time possible with as few headaches as possible.

What are the benefits of Remote Operations for my veterinary practice?

  • Get better image results: Instill clinical confidence using Hallmarq’s licensed MRI technologists, with veterinary-specific experience.
  • Receive support in real-time: Maximise uptime and staff efficiency using operators with primary knowledge of Hallmarq’s technology.
  • Prioritise precious labour resources: Refocus on core staff competencies and reduce the number of on-site staff required to operate your MRI machine.
  • Reduce staffing headaches: Step out of the recruitment race, eliminate scheduling hassles, and leave more time for patient care.
  • Lower staff costs: You get remote access to licensed MRI technologists at around half the cost of a full-time salaried employee.

Hallmarq’s small animal MRI is the only 1.5T high-field scanner designed specifically for veterinary use. Key design elements include a V-shaped patient bed, veterinary-specific software, open-top head coils, and an integrated radio-frequency shield to reduce costs and complexity. What’s more, it’s completely helium-free! With zero-helium required, you can future-proof your practice safe in the knowledge that there will be no need to find supplies of this finite resource.

“Hallmarq’s Remote Operations Service (ROS) is invaluable to our MRI operations in Hawaii. ROS removes the headache of always having our own trained technicians available to scan. Emily and Courtney know how to maximize image quality and minimize scan times which is a huge benefit to our busy practice. Knowing that they’re on hand whenever we need them is one of the big advantages of having ROS in place.”

Dr Baye Williamson, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology) Veterinary Emergency + Referral Center (VERC)

Over two decades of working with veterinarians in 25 countries around the globe has given us a clear understanding of the challenges you face in delivering a diagnostic service. Hallmarq strives to make advanced imaging more accessible to veterinary practices worldwide and has systems installed at over 150 customer sites. By increasing access to improved diagnostic capability, you can deliver more targeted treatments, better patient outcomes, and significant benefits for animal health.

May 2024 – currently, only available in the USA.



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