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Small Animal CT

Available in the UK ONLY

  • 16-80 slice CT systems to suit your individual requirements
  • Specialist clinical and engineering expertise
  • High-resolution detector with the smallest elements of any CT scanner – 0.5 mm
  • Fast scan times
  • Small footprint and low power consumption
  • Excellent low contrast resolution, perfect for imaging small animals

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Features and Benefits

Easy to use

Quick, simple and accurate examinations even with minimal CT experience

Industry expertise

An imaging partner to help establish your CT service from scratch

Outstanding images

The outstanding feature on all Canon Medical CT is image quality, allowing for timely and more accurate diagnosis

Faster scan times

Shorter scan times reduces the need for general anaesthesia

Reduced running costs

Lower installation and running costs, and with less of your valuable practice space required

Engineering support

Canon’s specialist engineering support and expertise

A CT service can break-even by scanning as few as 10 cases per month. As caseload increases,
significant returns are made on your investment.


Clinical Uses

Abdomen and Thorax

CT is the advanced imaging modality of choice for the abdominal cavity. Additionally, contrast media can be used to enhance vascular and soft tissue contrast

Neoplastic Disease/Neoplasia

CT is the modality of choice for diagnosis and staging of metastatic disease


CT is the most accurate tool for assessing elbow disease, in particular medial coronoid disease, due to the lack of superimposition of structures


3D reconstruction of images enables superior surgical planning of cases, for example fracture repair or angular limb deformity


CT is invaluable in the assessment of nasal cavities, frontal sinus and dental disease

Emergency Imaging

CT offers speed of image acquisition and ability to assess soft tissue and bone extensively in the same image, for rapid and complete assessment of trauma cases



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“The recent installation of a Canon Medical 64 slice Aquilion CT machine has revolutionised our imaging capabilities. We are now able to diagnose and treat conditions we previously struggled with or referred to other centres.”

Duncan Hole, MA, Vet MB, Cert VC, MRCVS Swayne and Partners

“The collaboration between Hallmarq and Canon has been excellent with seamless and hassle-free installation, training and technical support.”

Duncan Hole, MA, Vet MB, Cert VC, MRCVS Swayne and Partners

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